Update from DESE - Grade 11 will not be taking MCAS in January (Grade 12 will, if needed)

MCAS announcement for Grade 11


Good morning families, 

Education Commissioner Jeff Riley announced updates to the MCAS testing schedule for Grade 11. Grade 12 who require MCAS in ELA and Math in order to graduate, will still test in January.

Please note the following:

January-February High School MCAS ELA and Mathematics Tests:

  • Students in grade 11 (class of 2022) will no longer participate in testing during the January-February window. Testing for this class in English language arts and mathematics is being postponed until later in the year.
  • Students in grade 12 (class of 2021), as well as adult test-takers, will remain eligible to participate in one or both tests beginning in January to earn their Competency Determination.
  • The testing window for eligible students is extended through Friday, February 12, giving schools an additional week to complete testing. The full testing window will be Thursday, January 14 through February 12

As a result of this announcement, there will be no need for Grade 11 to attend revision classes on Wednesdays. The classes will still run for Grade 12, as needed.

When I receive more information about MCAS for Grade 11, I will share this with you.

Thank you for your understanding

Chris Buckland