Planning our return to school on April 26th

How are we going back to school on April 26th?

Smith Academy: Planning our return to school on April 26th 

Good morning, 

I wanted to share an update in our plans for the return to school, 7-12, five days a week, 7:30-2pm, starting April 26th. 

If you haven't done so already, please provide feedback through completing the surveys in this document.




As of March 22nd, in our hybrid model, we have 100% of students who want to be in person 4 days a week in all grade levels: 139/ 179 students are in the building 4 days a week.


Why are we going back on April 26th?


  • DESE guidance came out on March 9th and gave a date for Elementary schools (April 5th)and also for Middle Schools (April 28th). 

  • Combination of falling infection numbers, teacher vaccinations and low/ no transmission in schools, increasing concerns about the ongoing effects of the pandemic on student SEL and academic progress. DESE additional information.

  • We are a combined MS/ HS. There is no guidance on how we can run hybrid and in-person and staff under an MOA and staff under the CBA and staff on both.

  • Logistically it is challenging to run two starts and ends of days, four sets of buses and be cohesive with HES, on top of how we schedule staff in both a hybrid and a regular schedule.


Planning steps: 


We cannot control what we have to do, but we have some control over how we do it!


  • March 9th:Guidance from DESE

  • March 10th - ongoing: Staff feedback and questions on the guidance and going back

  • March 17th: Who is coming in/ staying remote? (Families)

  • March 24 - 31st: Family survey: What would you like to continue from hybrid/ not continue? General feedback

  • March 24 - 31st: Student survey: What would you like to continue from hybrid/ not continue? General feedback

  • March 10-April 5: Health & Safety, CBA requirements, Student and staff Schedules, buses, lunches. At this stage we will be planning a return based on our regular 7:30-2pm schedule.

  • Week of April 5th: Staff to be shared plans and asked for feedback during the weekly staff meeting on April 7th

  • Week of April 12th: (First week of Q4): Buildings and planning sign off from the BoH & COVID Coordinator, Communication with students and families about what April 26th will look like

  • April 26th: Orientation for students new to the building (Survey)