Let's Talk About Race

HEADS Up Race to be Human Event

May 17. 2022.  It's hard to talk about the impact of racism on mental and societal health when the unthinkable has happened.  Again.  

The tragic mass shooting of 13 people, 11 of whom were African American, at a Buffalo Supermarket followed by a mass shooting at a Los Angeles Taiwanese Church in one weekend have left many of us overwhelmed.  We join with the survivors, the families, and the communities in mourning the loss of so many.  Yet, we can begin to do more....

Hatfield Equity Alliance fighting Racism Together (HEART) works to ensure that our local systems offer equity in access to both tools and opportunities for all citizens; and that Black, indigenous and all people of color feel welcome, safe, and valued in our town.  HEART is joining with HEADS Up* to host a special screening of "Race to be Human" on Wednesday, May 25 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Hatfield Elementary School; all are invited.  This addresses the impact of racism on mental health through the lens of students, educators, and experts as introduced in this trailer.

Join your friends and neighbors and start some conversations together on May 25!

PS:  The nationally renown Embracerace Organization from nearby Amherst continues to post several resources to help families with "Supporting our Kids through Racialized Violence" to help all of us have some conversations about race at home.

        *Hatfield Embraces Acceptance & Dismantles Stigma; an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting mental health*